Come Out 2Nite

We dance for thrills, our night out is getting nasty

Come Out 2Nite Bristol June 9, 2010

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Well, Big Pink Cake was brilliant. After an exciting journey down in a motor car driven by the lovely Matthew, we spent the afternoon drinking cider in a boat (A BOAT. THAT SELLS CIDER. Do you see?) and eating slightly dodgy curry before arriving at the venue exactly on time, and slightly tipsy.

We were delighted to find we’d been handed the much-vaunted 10pm – 12:30am set, and aided by our Team Come Out 2Nite Bristol division associate Alastair took on our DJing responsibilities with gusto.

And it was strange. To begin with there weren’t very many people there, and central Bristol itself looked like something of a ghost town. Outside the window the only people we saw were stag do-ers and hen night-ers, not really the sort of crowd we were after, and thankfully prevented from entering the venue by the nice doorman.

But then something magic happened: some girls got up and started dancing. And where girls go, boys follow. Suddenly the dance area was pretty packed, with a really interesting cross section of people. There were some sweet emo and punk kids, who knew all the words to Paul Simon’s Graceland and one of whom sported a Roy Orbison t-shirt. There were a lot of people, indeed, who didn’t seem to be the sort to like the kind of music we played, but were prepared to dance anyway – which was awesome. Seeing a full dancefloor for Shrag’s Pregnancy Scene, all giving it their all despite clearly having no idea what they were listening to, was a highlight. Our mixture of indiepop and out-and-out pop classics seemed to go down fairly well, overall. We’re really grateful to Matthew and Heather for letting us play, and for making up for New Years Eve, where we got so drunk we could barely mash the DJ buttons with our badly sozzled fists.

This time, we only managed to turn the CD decks off once. During Kenickie. But that was fine, it just meant everyone got to hear the song twice.

So here are a smattering of psychedelic photos for you all to enjoy. Our next DJ entanglement isn’t until INDIETRACKS, but if anyone wants to book us before then, well. We’d be delighted to assist.

J x


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