Come Out 2Nite

We dance for thrills, our night out is getting nasty

The DJs October 5, 2009


Imported from Canada, Sandy divides her time between drinking vodka, stalking The Cribs, and continuing her spiritual quest to achieve fringe-based nirvana.  She’s nearly there.

Sandy seems to shrink every time we see her but she swears she’s not getting smaller.  I suspect she uses a system of mirrors arranged at special angles (or maybe high heeled shoes).

When she speaks, she has to translate her thoughts from binary into English.

Likely to play: Le Tigre, The Smiths, Hidden Cameras, Bratmobile, Comet Gain, Siddeleys, Beat Happening, Field Mice, New Order, The Organ, Sleeper, The Aislers Set, Fosca, Pipas, The Postal Service, Talulah Gosh, The Airfields, Ash.







Imported from New Malden, James keeps the suburbs in his heart and a vat of kimchi in his fridge.  And he’s keeping the dream alive.

James is occasionally associated with another club night called London Loves, but he’s going to try to play less britpop at our night than he does at the other one.

He is the only one of us who likes Kula Shaker and we never let him forget.

Likely to play: Kenickie, bis, Pulp, MJ Hibbett, The Long Blondes, Belle & Sebastian, Lush, Camera Obscura, Allo Darlin’, Blondie, Sugarcubes, Half Man Half Biscuit, Magnetic Fields, Luke Haines, The Moldy Peaches, Stereolab, Shrag.







Imported from Kentucky, Morgan is now coming to terms with being ensconced in the metropolis, after a summer 2008 stay in Surbiton that left her terrified of a certain kind of deathless English suburbia.

Morgan tried to find Japanese speaking jobs here in London, but the only ones she could find were in Japanese restaurants, doing it for businessmen on the piano, belle.

If you have any Japanese novels you need translating, curtains that need making, or cats that need looking after, Morgan would like to speak to you.

Likely to play: Comet Gain, Hefner, The Divine Comedy, Kahimi Karie, Olivia Tremor Control, Jens Lekman, France Gall, The Ronettes, Halcali,  McCarthy, Helen Love, Ballboy, Violent Femmes, Voxtrot.